10 Steps to start a business with little or no funding

As a consultant helping people with their business start-ups, I was always interested to learn about the reasons stopping people from starting their own business. When I ask people whether they want to start their own business, 9 out of 10 say yes. But the reality is that most of them don’t actually take the step and start a business. If you ask them why, the majority will give you one of two main reasons, the first is that they don’t know what business they should start, the second is that they don’t have enough money to start their own business.


10 Steps to generating your successful business idea

You don’t have to be a genius to come up with a business idea. It’s the exact opposite! It’s really simple to come up with business ideas all the time, however, the challenge lies in coming up with a business idea that works for you and suits your personality and needs.

This is where most people get stuck, many people want to start their own and think about it all the time, the big question is, what business should I start? And it is not a small question, often, the kind of business you are in will dictate whether you will be successful or not.

If you have some sort of framework or directions to get your mind focused on business ideas that will suit you and work with your own situation, then you’ve taken a big step toward becoming successful in business.


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