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The International Dance Company (IDC) provides dance lesson in several styles including but not limited to Latin dancing, contemporary dancing, ball room and hip hop dancing. In addition, they provide corporate clients with dancers for corporate events, gala dinners, ceremonies and other events.

Therefore, their logo needed to reflect diversity in dancing styles with the fun and social elements of dancing.


The IDC initials are in snow white wrapped in shades of baby blue, with paint and drawings coming out of the logo to give it a young and vibrant feel. There is also a silhouette of a couple dancing a classical dance to indicate both the new (the logo) and old (the silhouette) dance styles and mentalities. To finish it off, the full text of “The international Dance Company” is in a modern font with dark gray and blue colors.

The Colors

The white and blue work very well with each other, The logo also have a number of fresh colors coming out of it like olive green, fresh orange. All vibrant colors that stand out well and work well together.

The Message

The impressions you get from the logo are Young, Vibrant, Full of Energy, Funky, Mixing the new with the traditional, Active. The logo is aimed at the young and the young at heart, the key demographic for IDC.

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