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About Rami Taher

Who is Rami Taher?

I am an entrepreneur, web enthusiast, business planner and consultant based in Dubai. My passion is working with entrepreneurs and helping them start their own business on a solid ground. I love working with small business owners / managers who want achieve better business results. Check out  my about page for a more detailed overview.

What qualifies you to be a business and marketing consultant?

I have over 15 years of marketing and business experience with small and large companies in Dubai. During which, I worked for small local companies as well large international conglomerates either as an employee, as part of an agency or on freelance projects.

You can visit my experience page for more details.

Why are you working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses? And not big businesses for example.

I get that question a lot. In a simple answer, working with small businesses and individuals can be immensely gratifying. I feel that the work I put in helping a small business has the potential to affect that business in a tangible way.

I have worked in the past with many big brands as you can see from my experience, I mostly worked with these big brands as an employee of a company. Having said that, and at the risk of sounding anti-corporate, I am not a fan of big business, bureaucracy, countless meetings and approvals to make a small decision.

Given a choice (which I have now), I would definitely choose working with small businesses. You do the math, would you rather help an honest hard working person realize the dream of his life, start his own business, achieve financial freedom and support his family, or would you rather help Pepsi sell more drinks?

The Service Offering

What services do you offer?

I work with entrepreneurs, new start-ups and small businesses and help them get their idea off the ground, or in the case of existing businesses, help them overcome their specific business problem.

The service areas that I offer services include:

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Branding

Check the services page for a more detailed and up to date description.

You offer different services that are not closely related to each other, how can you be an expert in all of these elements?

I’m not. I work with a small team of carefully selected, skilled and experienced specialists to give you the best results for your business.

My core skills are business / marketing strategy formulation and planning. I tackle every project from a business prospective, I study your business situation and come up with the best course of action to achieve your desired business or marketing objectives.

For instance, if it is a web design project, the web designer is an expert in web graphics, thus his role is creating a beautiful website, the designer’s priority is looks and aesthetics. The developer is an expert in web programming technologies, his role is making sure all the code is efficient and well written, the developer’s priority is code efficiency and speed. But none of them is trained to look at your business needs.

What I do is establish a clear direction on what you need your website to achieve and communicate that vision to the team involved. I assess their work not only from a visual or technical point of view, but I always ask the question: Does this help the business achieve its goals?

How is hiring a freelancer like yourself better than hiring an agency?

The most obvious advantage to hiring a freelance consultant like myself is the cost factor. As a freelancer, I work with a small team and maintain low overheads, these savings are passed on to you. When you are dealing with an agency, you are ultimately paying for office space, employee salaries, business and other expenses. That is not the case when you hire a freelancer.

On the other hand, when you are working with an agency, as a small business or an individual  if you do not have the right budget, you might be passed on to a junior associate or fresh graduate that does not have the experience or skills you need to take your business in the right direction.

In conclusion, when you hire me, you get a skilled professional with over 15 years of experience while still being affordable and cost effective.

I am thinking of starting a new business, What can you do for me?

Helping business start-ups and young entrepreneurs is the key reason I decided to become a consultant. I worked with many entrepreneurs and start-ups from the very early stages where the business was just an idea on a piece of paper to the point where I’ve seen them make their first million.

I also co-founded three companies in the past, so I know exactly what is needed to start a new business. If you are an entrepreneurs looking to start your own business, you are in the right place. All of the services I offer on this website can and will help you kick start your business.

There are many areas in which I can help you with your new business start-up, you can visit my services page to get a more detailed understanding of the services I offer. You are also welcome to contact me to talk about your business and how we can work together.

We are an existing company and looking to improve our results, can you help?

Of course. Whether you are a small business looking to expand or simply seeking to improve on your business results, I can help you.

I will work with you to understand your particular business needs and help you achieve your goals. The key to business success in my opinion revolves around three key areas.

  1. Understanding where you are.
  2. Knowing where you want to be.
  3. Creating a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

You can visit my services page to get a more detailed understanding of the services I offer. You are also welcome to contact me to talk about your business and how we can work together.


How much do you charge?

Every project I work on is different than the other, no two marketing plans or websites I provide are the same. Therefore, I do not have a rate card for my services. I study the project requirements and analyze the amount of effort needed for that project and price my services accordingly. The more detailed your requirements are, the faster I can provide you with a quote.

If you would like me to work on your project and need a quote, you can request a quote and I will provide you with a quick estimate for your project.


I would like to hire you for a new project, how do I contact you?

That’s great news! You can write down your details at my contact page. To give me more details about your business needs and receive a quicker, more accurate estimate, you can request a quote.

Have a new project? Call +971 50 5561234 or Request Quote

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